Frigiliana is a Spanish village situated in the lower reach of a mountain and approximately five kilometers inland from Nerja. It is once an old-fashioned and simple village, but just like Nerja, it is currently one of the most charming villages. This village will show you a peaceful way of living life and an atmosphere different from what you could think in a very active seaside holiday resort of the Costa del Sol. Additionally, Frigiliana is a village you wish to explore. It has a rich history and offers remarkable Spanish charm. In fact, because of its environment, it has been considered as one of the prettiest towns in Malaga. Just like Nerja and other nearby towns, this place has many bars, restaurants, shops, and penthouses. Although there are only around two-thousand people in this place, this feature so many spectacular spots you can check out. Furthermore, you will discover that there are shops selling a variety of handmade things with Arab design while other markets local ceramics. In addition to all those, you can find a lot of restaurants that offer traditional food. If you have not tried the Spanish local cuisine, then you can dine in one restaurant in Frigiliana. After eating, you can visit close places by foot. You can explore a few places like the fine beaches with glistening clear water and river valley boasting fantastic views. There are also waterfalls flowing down the rocks during winter season.

Those are just a few things you will discover at Frigiliana. There are certainly much more than what you can expect. If you wish to know more, you can simply browse the web. There you can find almost all the information about this particular place and see those beautiful spots there. Plus, there are also available information about Nerja and neighboring towns. Nevertheless, if you want to explore these places more fully and see the sights personally, make sure you spend your holiday there. Plan everything ahead of time and do not forget that when you visit Nerja and some nearby towns check out Frigiliana too.



 Nerja is on the seashore about fifty kilometers from Malaga. It is once a fishing village, but now it is a popular holiday destination with a population of over twenty-two thousand. It has around sixteen kilometers of beaches, hundreds of bars and restaurants, and almost a year of sunshine. Additionally, its beaches have fine sand and glittering clear water. All water sports are also available here like jet skiing, deep-sea diving, as well as cruising. With all these, there is no question that Nerja is something you would like to visit. Needless to say, it offers almost all the things you wish for your holiday. In addition to those ideas, Nerja is a blooming and captivating place. Aside from beaches, bars and restaurants it also offers a variety of accommodation sites, from simple hotels to large ones plus grand apartments. You can be certain that you can find everything at one stop.

Nerja is also known as the tourist capital of Axaquia. As mentioned, there are a lot of things that can be found here including old caves, concert halls, and lively festivals. And because the sun shines all year round in this place, you can surely visit this anytime you want. So whatever you plan for your vacation, you can be sure that Nerja will provide all those. After your long vacation, you will simply realize that everything turn out to be perfect during those times that you are free from a number of paperwork and hectic routine for meetings and conferences. If you wish to know more about these things, you simply have to visit the web and check out a few internet sites. There are sites that offer all the necessary information you may need. You can also view all the available hotels in town so you may now have a reservation prior to your decision to travel. Although you can easily find one when you happen to be in that place, it is still best if you book ahead of time. You can find a few great deals for some hotels or even resorts, so do not forget to find an accommodation now, be ready to leave, and enjoy your vacation.



 Maro is a small locality in Nerja, having a population of eight hundred. Although this is only a small municipality of Nerja, it also features remarkable cliffs, beautiful beaches, and limitless corners you can explore during your holiday. Whether you are a nature lover or you enjoy scuba diving, Maro is the best place for you to visit. In addition to those ideas, Maro is close to the beach and resort of Nerja, so you can just imagine how many things you can do when you stay in an apartment or hotel in that place. There are a lot of beaches in this place that happens to be perfect for sunbathing and snorkeling. There are private places ideal for those who love adventures and explorations. If you want to stay under the sun with a beautiful coastline in front of you, then you can go to a nearby beach. Furthermore, because of its great sceneries, exploring the town is an ideal way to spend your morning. Its environment creates a charming atmosphere that usually attracts tourists. There are also a few shops and restaurants where you can buy foods for you and your family.

Aside from all those things mentioned, there are also bars in town that is perfect if you are looking for an active nightlife. And of course, your holiday will never be complete without visiting the Nerja caves. This is certainly among those spots you would like to check out within this town. After a long day, you can now enjoy the serene village of Maro that provides great comfort at your own accommodation site while watching the sun setting over the hills. So what on earth are you actually waiting for? When you are planning to visit Nerja, do not forget to go and explore the town of Maro. However, before you actually leave your place and go to your destination make sure you already book in one of the hotels or apartments in that place and be certain you are carrying enough money to pay all the expenses you will come across. After those, feel free to enjoy the holiday you always wish to experience.